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CB3200 Heavy Leather Sewing Machine

A full array of attachments are available for this machine.

cb3200 sewing machine

Model: CB3200
Max. Speed: 700 rpm
Presser lift: 23mm
Stitch length : 10mm

CB4500 Leather sewing machine

The machine features a 16.5 inch long arm which allows ample room to sew large projects.

cb4500 sewing machine

Model: CB4500
Max. Speed: 800rpm
Presser lift: 25mm
Stitch length : 11mm

7335 Cylinder-bed unison feed leather sewing machine for industry and handicraft

Proven, high performance, technology for universal upholstery sewing operations.

7335 sewing machine

Model: 7335
Max. Speed: 500rpm
Presser lift: 14mm
Stitch length : 6mm

CB205-370sewing machine

Top leather sewing machine same as durkopp 205-370

205-370 sewing machine

Model: CB205-370
Max. Speed: 800rpm
Presser lift: 20mm
Stitch length : 12mm

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