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801 Leather skiving machine

Bevelling the edges of workpieces of any shapes and sizes for the purpose of joining the pieces perfectly.

801 machine

Model: 801

8116 Hand crank leather splitter for handmade leather workshop and saddlery

This sophisticated leather splitting machine is the amazing asset for handmade leather workshop.

8116 machine

Model: 8116

800 Leather splitter Leather skiver

The ultimate, low cost way to split your own leather!!!

800 machine

Model: 800

806 Deluxe Leather Splitter for high quality handmade leather goods

This is one of the finest bench splitters manufactured nowdays.

806 machine

Model: 806

809G Leather Splitter

leathre paring machine.

809G machine

Model: 809G

809BP Leather Splitter

leathre paring machine.

809bp machine

Model: 809G

8360 clicker die press

clicker die press

8360 machine

Model: 8360

8020 Deluxe electric Leather Splitter

electric leathre paring machine.

8020 machine

Model: 8020

8900 Heat-Cutter

Hand operated tool to cut small quantities

8900 machine

Model: 8900

8901 Hot knife cutter

This hand-held, hot knife cutter is an intermittent operating tool.

8901 machine

Model: 8901

8905 Rope cutting machine

This type thermal cutting machine is possible to cut synthetic fabric, such as belts, bands and ropes to length.

8905 machine

Model: 8905

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