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8901 Hot knife cutter

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8901 Hot knife cutter


This hand-held hot knife cutter is an intermittent operation tool. The blade temperature can achieve 500 deg C in seconds, providing fast, smooth, clean cuts. Applications include webbing, synthetic fabrics, cables, ropes & belts. This tool cuts & seals materials at the same time.


The tips are replaceable as needed, and the trigger pulls smoothly to heat the blade. An indicator light shows current flow, while the handle remains cool during industrial use. A nickel plated cooling stand is available to allow safe storage in between job lots.



Applications: canvas sails, awnings, fabric filter, polyester lifting slings & cargo lashing strap (Ratchet Tie Down), safety belts & harness, military belts, fiber slings, crane slings, industrial webbing, sterling rope, cord, climbing ropes







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