Title: HighTex heavy duty industrial sewing & cutting machines
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HighTex/CowBoy the leading manufacturer and international distributor of extra heavy duty industrial cutting and sewing equipment, included heavy duty upholstery & leather sewing machines, heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machines, heavy duty automatic hot knife webbing cutting machines and leathercraft tools. 
With over 25 years of field experience with below industries:
1. Saddle makers, harness makers and leather craftsman
2. Sail makers and repairs, as well as parachute rigger
3. Manufacturers of lifting slings and cargo lashing straps
4. Manufacturers of safety harness and climbing ropes
5. Manufacturers of leather sofas and armchairs
6. Manufacturers of Big-Bag, container bag and Jumbo bag (FIBC)
7. Manufacturers of military equipment & tactical gear
8. Manufacturers of leather bags and shoes
9. Manufacturers of car seat cover and air bags
10. Manufacturers of dog collars, harnesses & leashes
11. Manufacturers of carpet and rugs
12. Manufacturers of finishing nets, cargo nets and safety netting
13. Manufacturers of PVC inflatable products

For more information please refer to https://automatic-sewing.com, thank you!
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