1. The powerful and effective feeding system with wheel feed, needle feed and driven roller presser guarantees excelent material feed when processing different material thicknesses;

2. The driven roller presser foot compresses and guides the material being sewn and allows for more easily sewing along edges and into precise areas;

3. It is programmable sewing machine that allows you set some cycle programs for special tasks in the production of shoes, bags, leather goods and upholstery sewing, achieve an sewing automation;

4. The direct-drive mechanism which connects the compact servomotor directly to the main shaft of the sewing machine, not only improves seam quality but also increases energy saved, improves workability;

5. Program for controlling the difference between the upper and bottom feed;

6. Optimized sewing kinematics for perfect sewing results in particularly fine materials;

7. Feeding wheel with cross grooving for minimized marks on leather;

8. Modern, ergonomical industrial style, durable construction, and unique flexibility.


For top-stitching light to mediumweight materials for example manufacturing of shoe uppers, bags, leather goods, handbag, leather sofas and upholstery/car interiors.


Max. Sewing Speed: 2500 rpm

Hook Type: Standard rotary hook

Presser Foot Lift: 14mm

Needle bar stroke: 41 mm

Needle System: DPx5 #11- #21

Max. Thread size: 15/3 syn.

Stitch Length: 0-5mm

Bobbin size: Outside Dia.22mm, Height 10mm

Alternating vertical movement: 2.5~7mm

Take up stroke: 68 mm

Working space: 270mm (length) x115mm( High)

Feed action: Triple Feed + Driven wheel feed

Packing size: 740X430X700MM, 66KGS

Lubrication: Centralized Oil Wick Lubrication (Automatic Hook Lubrication)

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