Hightex Special Sewing Machine Co. is a Sino-American joint-venture company founded in 2006, under the core principles of Trust, Respect, and Loyalty. We are manufacturer and international distributor of heavy duty industrial sewing machine & cutting equipment for non-apparel industries, designed and created with the participation of American, Italian and German research and development bureaus, distributed in more than 40 countries on six continents. Our major business fields cover:

1. Design and manufacture of thick thread, heavy duty industrial sewing machines for leather and technical textiles;

2. Custom made automatic sewing equipment (specialized sewing machines) for the highest possible productivity and quality;

3. Engineering design & manufacturing OWMM sewing solution (One-Worker-Multiple-Machine) for great labor saving benefits;

4. Manufacture of leather crafting tools for saddlery & leathercrafts;

5. Manufacture of powerful servo motor (high torque at low speed) for heavy duty industrial sewing machines;

6. Designing and engineering sewing production lines, for maximizing efficiencies and controlling costs;

7. Backup service for other heavy duty industrial sewing equipment, such as Durkopp Adler, Pfaff, Seiko, Juki, Brother, Mitsubishi, Union Special, Pfaff and Consew.


United States Corporate Headquarters

In past 20+ years we exclusively concentrate on the production of sewing equipment designed to work with heavy weight materials that allows us to produce a wide range of specialized machines for the efficient production of for saddlery and leather crafts, sailmaking & repairing, lifting slings, cargo lashing straps, climbing ropes, safety harnesses, military products, armchairs and sofas, car upholstery, shoes, leather bags, leather belts, FIBC/Big Bags, parachutes, tents, inflatables and other manufacturers of sewn products serving high-end markets, for example: search and rescue, firefighters, military, automotive, personnel protection, aviation, rigging operations.

We know that each company has its specific needs, for this we work with personalized solutions, seeking to identify and meet the demand of each client. It is in this way that HIGHTEX has earned the trust of important companies.

We have authorized dealers and distributors serving the following global markets:

United States & Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom (U.K.) Italy, Spain, Sweden, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine (distributor), Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, South Africa and Fiji.

A key advantage for our company is professional experience in the field of heavy materials and thick thread. We are clear that our success depends on the success of our clients. Our automatic industrial sewing machines can replace 2-4 workers, used for cost reduction and sewing quality control. These very strong and robust industrial sewing machines help our customers compete in price and quality to position themselves at a high level in the market, even compared to other competitors from Asia (China), America and Europe.


Oversea manufacturer in China

Our machines are made in China, but the quality management is strictly controlled by American technicians (leather sewing machines) & European engineers (automatic sewing equipment), so the prices are not Chinese level like other similar machines made in China. Our goal is to offer customers the very best value for the money they spend. To us, that means we are not always cheaper but instead, we have to be better than our competition.

We help companies and users in general by giving them solutions to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technologies in the new economy. At HIGHTEX you will find the most qualified group of technical professionals on the market, ready to solve all your problems. Through a team of experienced professionals and technicians, professionals from large companies participate together to implement technical solutions that increase productivity.

Each machine is expertly assembled, tested to insure trouble free and perfect operation. Hightex offers you simple, affordable, and ready to operate sewing equipment that will last for years and years.

A Lifetime Business Partner
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