1.The unison-feed (compound feed) and split needle bar makes this machine a good choice in the sewing of multi-layer heavy weight material where corner stitching may or may not be necessary such as leather, foam plastic, and synthetic fabrics. The double needle sewing machine produces neatly finished stitches at corner parts of the material;

2. With the adoption of a new rectangular feed mechanism, an alternating vertical movement mechanism, and a unison feed mechanism, the machine can feed heavy materials powerfully and smoothly. Well tensed seams are consistently produced without pitch errors;

3. The walking foot and presser foot’s alternating vertical movement can be set and changed with ease;

4. The vertical strokes of the presser foot and walking foot (their alternating vertical movement) can be easily changed using a large dial mounted on the top surface of the machine head;

5. The machine is equipped with an instantaneous changeover device for alternating the vertical movement amount of the walking foot and presser foot, which demonstrates its capability for processes involving sewing products with a lot of multi-layered portions;

6. The machine is equipped as standard with a safety clutch for preventing hook breakage. Reset work can be done simply by pressing a button;

7. The 2-needle type machine has adopted a dual-tension mechanism, with which the machine can support high-tension sewing with thick thread. This means that the machine produces seams of excellent quality on a broader range of materials, extending from light- to heavy-weight.


SPLIT NEEDLE BARS for Precise Corner Sewing on Leather and Upholstery Fabrics, for example car seats, sofas, leather bags, fabric decoration in automobile interiors, shoe uppers of leather or synthetic leather, sports apparatus, upholstered office furniture, soft cushions, trunks, overalls, jeans, uniforms and for decorative sewing on bags


Max. Sewing Speed: 2500 rpm

Hook Type: 2 times Large vertical rotary hook

Presser Foot Lift: 13mm

Needle bar stroke: 36 mm

Needle System: 135×17 (Nm160) Nm125~Nm180

Max. Thread size: #10 (=T-270, V277, 840dx3)

Stitch Length: 0-9mm

Bobbin size: Outside Dia. 25.5mm, Height 10mm

Alternating vertical movement: 2.5~6.5mm

Take up stroke: 74.5 mm

Working space: 260mm (length) x110mm( High)

Needle gauge size: 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.5/12.7mm

Packing size: 735×340×700MM, 58KGS

Tariff code (HS code): 8452290000

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