1. Single-needle, three-thread, high-throw overedge machine with plain feed and double-action intermittent puller;

2. Two upper rollers and one lower roller mechanically driven;

3. Pneumatic presserfoot lifting;

4. For attaching ropes from 6 - 20 mm diameter to various kinds of nettings as border and for tensioning, specially on sports nets and nets for safety and protection;

5. For netting sewn parallel to the mesh, no feed dog is used and throat plate has no slots, only the puller feeds fabric (standard);

6. For netting sewn diagonal to the edge, a feed dog and a throat plate are included, this allows better positioning of the strings;

7. This heavy duty net rope sewing machine comes with high quality that has been selling in Germany and other European countries for over 18 years.


Perfect for attaching ropes to net borders, for example fishing nets, military cargo nets, sport nets, fall arrest safety nets, cargo mesh, climbing nets, agricultural nets, barrier nets and other custom made netting solutions.

Overedging  container bags, inserting top covers and attaching filling and discharging tubes on container bags, for example Single loop bags, Double loop bags, Container bags, Baffle-Bag (Q-Bag) etc.


Stitch types: 504

Max. Sewing Capacity: 16-25 mm

Max. sewing speed: 1500 RPM

Capacity under presser foot: 23mm

Needle System: 9853GA300/120

Feed type: Top and bottom feed+ puller feed

Tariff code (HS code): 8452290000

Total Overedge Stitch Width: 23mm

Stitch range: 4 - 12mm

Standard setting: 10mm

Motor: 750W, 200-240 Volt 1 or 3 Phase

Air pressure: 0.6 MPa

Thickness of Ropes: 6-20mm

Needle Stroke: 71mm

Number of yarn: 3

Presser foot lift: Pneumatic Controlled

Needle Thread: Net Yarn 210/24 or 210/30, PP Yarn, 4000 Denier

Looper Thread: Net Yarn 210/24 or 210/30, PP Yarn, 4000 Denier

Package (assembly): 1050x1380x625MM, 135KGS

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