1. Two needle, four thread safety stitch (401.502) sewing machine with high needle throw;

2. With top and bottom feed for matched seams on heavy bag fabric;

3. Needle distance 5mm, overedge seam width 19 mm, seam width overall 24 mm;

4. With guide for filler cord from the top and / or below for sealing the needle punctures of the left needle;

5. Electro-pneumatically operated presser foot and upper feed dog lifter;

6. Pneumatic presser foot spring;

7. With built-in electro-pneumatically operated hot thread chain cutter left of the needle for separating the thread chain;

8. HighTex heavy duty FIBC Big Bag sewing machines represent the highest quality and best service in China;

9. All FIBC300 Conainer Bag/Big Bags sewing machines are completely installed, tested and serviced, ready to operate out of box.


High needle stroke sewing machine for very strong side seams in the production of very heavy weight jute, burlap or woven polypropylene bags (container bags)


Stitch types: 401.502

Max. Sewing Capacity: 20 mm

Max. sewing speed: 1400 RPM

Capacity under presser foot: 16mm

Needle System: 9853GA430/172 (standard)

Needle distance: 5mm (13/64in.)

Overedge Stitch Width: 19mm

Total Overedge Stitch Width: 15mm (19/32in.)

Stitch range: 6 - 13mm

Standard setting: 10mm

Motor: 750W, 200-240 Volt 1 or 3 Phase

Air pressure: 0.6 MPa

Material thickness: 100-200 g/m2

Thread: 2500-4000 Den

Thread chain and tape cutter: Hot cutter (burner)

Lubrication: Manual lubrication

Bag material: PP-woven-fabric, PP-laminated woven-fabric, Felt

Feed type: Top and bottom feed

Bag types: 1 & 2 loop bag,Container bag, Baffle-Bag (Q-Bag)

Package (Pedestal assembly): 770X1520X1215MM, 180KGS

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