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8116 Hand crank leather splitter for handmade leather workshop and saddlery

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8116 Hand crank leather splitter for handmade leather workshop and saddlery


This sophisticated leather splitting machine is the amazing asset for handmade leather workshop who dedicate to make highest quality handcrafted leather goods (such as leather belts, leather shoes, leather wallets and leather bags); It is very difficult to control the splitting length when use motor-driven splitting machine, with this hand driven leather belt skiving machine, you can easily get any desired splicing length at end of belts; With a convenient hand crank design; Ready to mount on your workbench; With an adjustment lever to accommodate almost any leather thickness (3 oz. - 14 oz.); Roller bearings provide long life and dependability.

This leather splitter has been used by top handmade leather workshops included Badichi customized belts, Hermes handcrafts and Gucci.

This professional leather skiving machine is suitable to split very thick Chrome tanned / Veg Tan leather for handmade leather workshop, saddlery as well leather shoe maker, for example custom handmade leather belts, hand made leather straps, handcrafted buckle, handmade leather shoes, handcrafted leather boots, handmade leather wallets, handcrafted leather bags, leather briefcases, saddles, harness, handmade leather jewelry, leather bracelets and other handmade luxury leather goods. This machine was not manufactured to split thin garment leathers and is not effective for thin leather.


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